HBS Real Estate awarded best broker by Danube Properties

In a ceremony this August 2020, the main brokerages came together for the recognition of Danube Properties’ top picks of successful real estate companies. The Danube is a developer company known for its quality projects at affordable prices. They awarded HBS Real Estate as one of the best brokerages of the Emirates. In fact, Danube shared the great news of their collaboration on their Broker News emphasizing HBS as a reliable partner company.

HBS Real Estate as a Market Leader

HBS Real Estate

The recognition came from one of the UAE’s top promoters acknowledging HBS’ stand in becoming a market leader. With the said acknowledgment, HBS aims to firmly hold the number 1 spot of French-speaking agencies in the market.

In addition to the award given to the company, the agency also evolved into becoming a premium partner. A premium partner status is the highest status ever attributed to an agency, giving HBS clients better conditions and more benefits. The coveted status means having the benefits of VIP access to private rooms and car services.

The VIP status ensures a client’s welcome amenity and enhanced recognition shared by HBS real estate.

Founder and CEO of HBS Real estate Said Lachgar shared his thoughts about the Dubai real estate market during the ceremony.

HBS Real Estate

“During the lockdown, what we’ve decided to do is to contact each and every customer in touch with us in the past 6 to 9 months. We’ve been calling them over the phone or organizing zoom meetings. First of all, we wanted to make sure that they’re safe and that their family is safe.” Lachgar says in a statement.

“We also discussed the different investment strategies that Dubai can offer during the lockdown with the possibility to work without physically being present.” He includes talk about developers’ interesting payment plans for the clients.

Given that people are mostly busy with work on regular business days, lockdown gave an opportunity for real estate companies to reach clients better. The HBS real estate made an effort to speak with clients on the phone. A couple of these clients decided to do an investment.

According to Lachgar, the future of the property will be challenging but there will be opportunities in the future. Developers are giving special offers to attract more investors into the country. Moreover, he says we can expect a global boost in the upcoming EXPO 2021 in the region’s real estate market.

Dubai Real Estate market is expected to pick up in the coming months with the market gaining back traction for its special offers. Get in touch with HBS real estate today for an extraordinary real estate experience tailored for clients’ satisfaction.

About HBS

HBS or Home and Business Solutions specialize in business consulting, investments, and real estate. Since 2014, the company mostly advised international clients for business setup and real estate. A team of multilingual professionals works to give advice to investments, real estate, and entrepreneurs.

HBS real estate expertise helps define your criteria, determining which property investment suits clients best. The company assists from visits, negotiations, and the seamless transfer of ownership. This ensures that clients get the best deal in the market. HBS also helps clients rent out and manage properties efficiently. HBS is available for consultation on office Tel. No. +971-442-77-224.