Foundation Setup in UAE 

As Dubai continues to place itself as the pioneering global economic hub, thousands of investors are moving to set up their businesses here. As such, it’s important to protect your assets as you expand your wealth and properties by setting up a Foundation in UAE. 

A foundation is a corporate entity that aims to protect the Founder’s assets against uncertainties like unexpected taxes (e.g. death and inheritance), divorce, lawsuits, economic and political instability. 

HBS Dubai is honored to introduce the foundation set up service to our valued clients. 

Setting Up a Foundation in UAE offers the following stunning benefits: 


  • Asset Protection
  • Comprehensive Succession Planning
  • Guardian Oversight
  • Structured Governance 
  • Perpetual Existence
  • Flexibility with Beneficial Classes 


How to Set Up a Foundation in UAE? 

To start setting up your Foundation in UAE, here are some of the requirements and process you have to comply (and must be signed by the founder):


  • Proposed Foundation Name 
  • Full Name, Address, and Nationality of each Founder. 
  • Full Name, Address, and Nationality of Each of the Council Members of the Proposed Foundation 
  • Name as well as Business Address of Your Registered Agent (e.g. HBS Dubai).
  • Foundation’s registered office address
  • Proposed Foundation’s Charter, By-laws, and other particulars the Registrar may require. 


Spare yourself the hassle of dealing with paperwork and let HBS Dubai’s professional team handle the work in protecting your wealth and assets.