The UAE, especially the emirate of Dubai, have established themselves as one of the most attractive countries in the world for expatriation, investment, retirement and vacation. Young country that has modernized rapidly and experiencing significant economic and population growth. United Arab Emirates attracts each year thousands of entrepreneurs, investors, skilled workers from around the world who are seeking an attractive economic environment and a better quality of life.

By becoming resident in the United Arab Emirates, as part of expatriation or retirement, you become tax resident which may allow for some people a substantial gain in terms of taxation. Manage its businesses from Dubai open new perspectives in terms of expansion with access to new markets, flexible management and tax optimization. At the same time, you benefit from quality infrastructures and services in a modern country located between Europe, Africa and Asia.

Offer to your family a higher quality of life, with a high level of security and access to the best schools…

Becoming a resident in Dubai is enjoying an environment offering the opportunity to develop professionally and personally.

HBS Consulting, boutique real estate and business consulting firm, accompanies you through all the steps to become a resident in Dubai.

Become UAE resident

  • Attractive tax: 0% tax on income, capital gains
  • Security: no crime
  • Modern infrastructures
  • World top international Schools and hospitals
  • Economic development
  • Ideal geographic location
  • Sunny climate all year
  • Mix between East and West…

How to become UAE resident?

Company Setup UAE

Set a free zone company in the UAE allows you to become a resident and receive a certain number of advantages.

  • 0% income tax and corporation
  • No physical office required if the activity is considered of service: Consulting, Management, property management, New technologies, Internet, Communication, Design, Architecture, Research, Event Planning, Media …
  • Bank account opening (personal and corporate)
  • No minimum share capital requirement
  • No local partner
  • 5 visas maximum
  • Visas for Family and employees
  • Visa valid for 3 years(s) for the partner(s)
  • License within 72 hours, Visas within 30 days

Setup a free zone company allows you to make business freely, and get resident status for you and your family. It’s definitely the best way for active professionals wishing to relocate full or partly in the UAE.

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Property investment Dubai

Investing in Dubai’s property allows under certain conditions to obtain a UAE resident visa from 6 to 24 months renewable.

Conditions to obtain the residency visa:

  • Visa 6-24 months renewable
  • Minimum investment 1 million AED
  • Built and livable property
  • Ability to sponsor family
  • Pay fee for obtaining and renewing visas

Why invest in property in Dubai:

  • Quality real estate
  • International demand
  • Low tax
  • Pro landlord regulation
  • Saving rents and protection against inflation

For individual and family wishing to relocate in UAE, and generating income outside the UAE; a Property Investment in Dubai can be an ideal solution to obtain a long term visa.

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Our company supports you in the steps to become a resident in Dubai and UAE with ethic and professionalism. Leader in consulting, company setup and real estate in Dubai, get expert advice and access to the best solutions at competitive cost, with support and assistance in English, French and Arabic.

Bank account

Personal and corporate bank account opening in the UAE.


Business consulting and company setup in UAE

Company setup

Advice about the types of companies, setup and renewal with additional services for entrepreneurs


Procedures and guidance in obtaining visas for you and your family.


Advice and legal assistance to setup and run business in the UAE.

Monitoring and support

Obtaining and renewal of licenses, research offices …

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