Rental Property Investment Dubai

Buy to let in Dubai and generate yield from 5 to 8% net per year in a pro landlord market

The Emirate of Dubai has established itself over the years as one of the most attractive real estate markets for rental property investment.

Dubai combines several factors that promote rental yields while providing security and good visibility for investors. Among these factors a quality property market, very attractive taxation, laws protecting the owner, a rapidly growing population, economic attractiveness.

All the rent are paid upfront one year in advance which offers great visibility.

The rapid development of Dubai both economically and demographically has increased rental demand.

The emergence of new neighborhoods helped create opportunities for rental investments in different areas and different ranges.

The arrival of the subway at enhancing the attractiveness of certain neighborhoods by facilitating transport between workplaces and places of residence.

Why Conduct Rental Investment in Dubai?

  • Attractive rental yields: 5-8% per yer
  • Low tax on transfer, no revenue and capital gains tax
  • Quality and services of real estate
  • An increasing population
  • A population with high purchasing power
  • Rent paid one year in advance (1-4 checks)
  • Pro-landlord property market

Property Rental Investment with HBS

Before making a rental property investment it is important to be advised to find the right property to generate stable rental returns. The after sale support, including the tenancy management are as well important points to consider.

HBS real estate provide support during all the stages from the qualification, property research, negotiation, transfer of ownership to the tenancy management.

International and multilingual team

A team at your service to advise you in English, French and Arabic

Accredited and recognized agency

Agency accredited by the RER A (1774) and recognized for its seriousness and sense of ethics

Professional support

From the research of properties, visits and negociation to the tenancy management

Rental & Tenancy management

Rental and property management services

Properties selection

Access to the best offer in both residential and commercial market.

Strong presence since 2004

Established in Dubai since 2004, our longevity is proof of our success

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