Company Setup in Dubai and UAE

Expert in Company formation freezone, offshore and LLC in the UAE

In a decade, Dubai set itself as a one of the world biggest commercial hub between Asia and Europe. At the heart of a region with strong potential, MENA, comprising the Middle east and north Africa.

Setup your company in Dubai and the UAE offer several advantages

  • Quality and infrastructure development
  • Security
  • Transportation hub with one of the largest airport in the world
  • Lifestyle
  • No personal and corporate income tax
  • Pool of businesses, access to new markets (180 nationalities living locally) Trade Shows, Dubai is the capital of the Middle East.

Dubai is the economic capital of the United Arab Emirates, one of the richest countries per capita. Its pro-business policy and simple legal system with no taxes attracts many contractors, subsidiaries of large companies and individuals looking for tax optimization.

Setup a business in the United Arab Emirates, allow you to do business with less hassle and more efficiency.

Entrust us for your company setup

Professional services and competitive price

Trust an established firm with presence in Dubai since 2004. Our office are located a short distance from Mall of Emirates. An international team for support in English, French, and Arabic. Agreements with key authorities (free zones, offshore, chamber of commerce …).

Why start business in UAE?
  • Entrepreneur
  • Become a resident
  • Wealth management and protection
  • Tax optimization
  • Administrative simplification
The advantages
  • Attractive tax system
  • Unparalleled lifestyle
  • Quality infrastructures
  • Politically stable country
  • Good image internationally
  • Legal structures adapted to different profiles
Freezone company

To do business globally, including in the United Arab Emirates. Becoming a resident in the UAE. Foreign fully owned.

Advantages free zone company

  • 100% shareholder of your company
  • Distribution of 100% of capital and profits
  • No corporation tax and income
  • Simplified accounting
  • Professional and personal bank accounts
  • No trade barriers or quotas
  • Imports / Exports untaxed
  • No restrictions on hiring expatriates
  • 3 year residency visa in the UAE
Offshore company

To trade off the UAE while enjoying the simplicity and flexibility of the legal framework.

Advantages of an Offshore company

  • Low incorporation and renewing cost
  • 0% corporate income tax
  • No income and capital gains tax
  • 100% shareholder of your company
  • Privacy, Political Stability
  • Simple accounting, flexible management
  • Opening multi-currency bank account with debit card
  • Equity investment in companies
  • Billing worldwide (excluding UAE)
Limited Company Dubai (LLC)

To trade without restriction in the UAE.

Advantages of a Dubai’s limited company

  • Exercise all types of activities in the UAE
  • Distribution of 100% of capital and profits
  • Become resident in the UAE
  • Possibility to rent offices in attractive neighborhoods like Downtow, Dubai Marina …
  • No corporation tax
  • No income tax